Centre for Spine and Movement Related Disorders

strategies for chronic and more complex

problems to help restore active lifestyles


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Manual Therapy Mobilisation, Adjustments/Manipulation, Soft Tissue Techniques

Depending on the nature of your health problem, often an important part consists of unlocking or releasing particular joints and soft tissues in the spine and related areas that have become restricted in their movement.  These specific corrections are performed in a gentle and controlled manner – using specialist skill, not force or brute strength.  Different types of technique procedures can be used – the chiropractor’s hands, a hand held instrument, mechanical spring-loaded bench, pelvis blocks.  Some procedures are performed with a quick, short thrust while others are slower with no thrust.  Indeed joints, as they ‘unlock’ in a painless manner, may make a cracking noise as joint gases ‘pop’.  

All procedures are designed to help relieve your symptoms, along with restoring the proper range and quality of motion of soft tissues and individual joints of your spine and body frame.  The techniques used are adapted according to the needs of each patient from babies through to seniors.  Many patients report that they enjoy the feeling of these procedures, especially when compared with the discomfort related to their clinical problem.

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