Centre for Spine and Movement Related Disorders

strategies for chronic and more complex

problems to help restore active lifestyles


Rehabilitation - Sports - Standing MRI - X-Ray

Digital X-Rays

If an X-Ray is needed as part of better understanding the nature of your particular health problem, we have an X-Ray facility on-site for your convenience.

The range of imaging includes:

     ■     Combined Spinal X-Rays (Imaging of the Neck, Mid Back and Lower Back, Pelvis regions)

     ■     Cervical Spine X-Rays (Neck region only)

     ■     Thoracic Spine X-Rays (Mid Back region only)

     ■     Lumbopelvic X-Rays (Lower Back and Pelvis region only)

     ■     Single Extremity X-Rays (Images are taken of a smaller concentrated area – Eg Foot, Knee, Hand, Arm, Leg, etc.)