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Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

Optimising Automatic Motor Control

This particular management approach, which has emerged from hospital-based physical rehabilitation in Europe, is attracting significant interest internationally.  Many elite athletes and patients with complex and chronic problems have been finding benefit; often beyond what they’ve been able to achieve with traditional rehabilitation approaches.  Peter has received extensive training in DNS since 2002, which has included study trips to Europe.

A key goal of this approach is to improve automatic and unconscious control of the ‘integrated stabilising muscle system’ of the spine and body frame; in doing so, patients learn better quality postures and movements.  By using a combination of particular manual clinical procedures and exercises, it is currently understood that movement control centres (‘software programs’) in the brain are activated.  Specific ‘body awareness’ exercises are taught for the patient to practice – with a focus on these being performed with the best quality.  Eventually, through repetition of the exercises, spine and body frame stability becomes a habit and independent of the conscious brain.  

Other conditions that may be assisted with this approach include:

     •     baby / child posture and movement development problems

     •     spine curvature scoliosis

     •     baby / child cerebral palsy

     •     peripheral nerve palsy

     •     arm / leg weakness following stroke

     •     multiple sclerosis

     •     myopathy

     •     some spinal cord injuries

We work in cooperation with a range of different practitioners and professionals such as maternal and child health nurses, medical practitioners, sports coaches, sports club trainers, music teachers, personal trainers and gym instructors to help achieve the best results in the most efficient way.

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