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Dr Peter Dun


     •     Bachelor of Applied Science in Chiropractic

     •     Postgraduate Diploma in Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation

     •     Certified Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Practitioner

     •     Registered, Chiropractic Board of Australia

     •     Member, Australian Chiropractors Association

     •     Member, Sports Chiropractic Australia

     •     Member, Sports Medicine Australia


Peter graduated from RMIT University as a chiropractor in 1992 after 5 years full time study.  Following 2 years in clinical practice working under senior practitioners, he became director of a private practice and enjoyed the day-to-day experiences of practice for 15 years.  In 2007, Peter joined a multidisciplinary group practice.  One particular benefit of this change was that it enabled him to pursue postgraduate rehabilitation education to a higher level – achieving certification in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization from the world renowned Rehabilitation Prague School in 2009 and completing a 2 year postgraduate diploma in Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation from Murdoch University in 2010.  

An important goal of Peter’s is to provide effective, science-based, patient-centred clinical care and advice in a safe manner.  Over the years he has also received professional satisfaction working as a ‘team’ practitioner in the health care system, receiving patient referrals from medical and other practitioners – often for second opinions. 

Before and throughout his undergraduate education, Peter worked in a city hospital in a patient support role.  This provided him with a valuable opportunity to learn about the health care approaches used by different practitioners for various problems that people suffered.  He also developed an appreciation of the importance of helping people prevent particular health problems wherever possible – with an emphasis on self management strategies.

Peter has learnt a range of clinical skills to be equipped to manage chronic and more complex patient cases.  During his training in Australia and overseas, Peter has had the privilege of learning directly from a wide range of leading practitioners and researchers in various fields of rehabilitation.  A key focus is dealing with the impact of unhealthy postures, poor quality movement patterns and mechanical faults of the body frame and how best to solve these problems.



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